Handyman Small Job Rate (M-F) One Man.

$160/first hr $30/each
quarter-hour after

Handyman Small Job Rate (M-F) Two Men.

$200/first hr $50/each
quarter-hour after

Handyman After Hours Rate

(M - F) After 6 PM, Saturdays After 4 and Sundays $200/first hr $50/each
quarter-hour after

Larger projects are estimated at competitive market rates.

Seniors, veterans, active military, first responders, teachers, single moms, widows, and the physically/mentally challenged.

$10 PER HOUR discount

I bill on a time and materials basis. Firm estimates are only provided on larger projects. This approach ensures everyone is treated fairly.

Simple Straightforward Pricing

Aboveboard handyman repair and home services pricing structure is simple and straightforward. Making it easy for customers to understand the pricing and costs involved upfront. With a detailed breakdown of rates for both small jobs and after-hours work, we ensure fairness and clarity in billing. Larger projects are estimated competitively, aligning with market rates. This approach underscores our commitment to honest and transparent communications, providing peace of mind to our clients. Our pricing policy, coupled with our excellent service, have garnered positive customer feedback, enhancing our reputation in the community. For more detailed information about our pricing, you can visit our homepage here.

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